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Phishing Message -**ACCOUNT ALERT**
Below is the most recent phishing/scam message that is being sent out to Internet users. Should you receive this, or a similar message, please delete it without submitting any account information.

**NOTE: If you have already attempted to log into the site linked in this message, please contact your local Customer Service Office to have your password changed. This should prevent any unauthorized access to your account.

--- Example Message ---

Dear valued customer ® :

Due to concerns, for the safety and integrity of the -PROVIDER NAME- Security we have issued this warning message

We have noticed that your bright.net account needs to be verify, after we have upgraded our  database. To verify your -PROVIDER NAME-  account and access your account in future, please click on the verification link below to log into account update and complete the required informations:

This e-mail was sent to all of our customers. Recently, we have noticed that many customers' were receiving a scam letter asking them to send their username and password via email.
Note that -PROVIDER NAME-  will never ask for your ID and password via email. Just click on the above link, continue by filling the required informations correctly to verify and your -PROVIDER NAME- account informations on our database will be automatically updated.

Thanks for your co-operations.

Message Code: V09X29T4

June 10th, 2010
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